Child Support

Providing Trusted Child Support Law Counsel

Brettschneider & Brettschneider LLP is well-versed in handling all legal issues related to child support in New York, including cases where income determination is difficult. We serve clients in Suffolk County and Nassau County and throughout Long Island, New York.

Working To Ensure A Fair Calculation Of Parental Income

It is often challenging to calculate the true incomes of parents who own businesses, have substantial investments, are voluntarily unemployed, or work in seasonal or cash-paying jobs. We regularly work with forensic accountants to perform business valuations and asset tracing that helps to accurately determine a parent’s income — despite what the tax returns might say.

Our firm represents clients both initiating and defending against child support actions. We counsel and advocate for clients in issues related to initial calculation, failure to pay, and enforcement or modification of existing child support orders.

The New York Child Support Guidelines govern the calculation of a large majority of child support obligations in the state. These guidelines use a mathematical formula to assist judges in making child support awards. However, in some cases, extenuating circumstances require deviation from these guidelines. This often happens when one or both of the parents are self-employed, hiding assets or working at a type of job that makes it difficult to accurately determine their monthly income and plug it into the child support calculator.

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